Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We have a boarder

Allow me to introduce Bobgreen:

Ben's class is studying dinosaurs, and they have each been given one to live with them for 2 weeks. Ben named his Bobgreen. That's one word, not a first name and last name. The kids are writing in a journal each night to describe their adventures with their dinosaurs. Ben, at least, is also spending a great deal of time looking for Bobgreen - he is about 4cm long.

Charlie has also demanded his own dinosaur, and now has a collection of 3, much larger ones (with thanks to Toni who's gift it was). One of these is the same variety as Bobgreen, and has been dubbed Goggreen - Charlie's attempt at our house guest's name.

I have already been asked to buy red frogs and supply extra toast for Bobgreen. This is kindergarten. I am really looking forward to science projects in the future...

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