Friday, December 26, 2008

Cricket watching and blogging

I love Boxing Day. Playing with toys, watching cricket, eating left overs. The house is a mess and I don't give a damn. Even though we have relo's dropping by.

We had our own Christmas miracle yesterday - the 15 year old boy in the family interacted, played games and ... read a book! Looks like he's on his way back from wherever it is teenage boys go.

It seems like we did too good a job tiring Charlie out to make him sleep in on Christmas Day. We had a great deal of difficulty getting him up and when we dragged him down stairs, he refused to open presents. By the time he was truly into it, pretty much all the present unwrapping was done. Charlie and Elissa were determined to play with each other's toys but that caused only a modicum of whinging. Ben loved everything. He even ate some Christmas dinner.

Speaking of which - we drive half way across Sydney to get to a butcher recommended to us by a vegetarian for the meat for Christmas. Carving and eating it yesterday, I remembered why. Absolutely beautiful meat. 7kg turkey. 7.8kg leg of pork. 10kg ham. I know you're thinking "How many people were at this dinner? 20? 30?". Well, actually, 9 adults, one of whom is a vegetarian, and my kids. There is a teensy tiny tad of leftovers. Shouldn't need to buy meat until February...

Today Charlie popped in from the backyard to say "I had a fun Christmas day" and went back to what he was doing. He should know, yesterday we got "Is this Christmas day?" about 4 times. It's important not to miss these important days.

Back to slothing on the couch...

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