Thursday, December 25, 2008

What the?

This afternoon (yes, this would be Christmas Day) I got a phone call from a telco in the US, telling me their client wanted their broken service fixed today. The "client" in question is in Hong Kong. The people using the service are all in Sydney - or at least they would be except that the service is not being actively used at the moment, apart from preliminary testing.

Poor bloke from the US - after he tells me who he is and why he is calling, my incredulity could not be contained and he got an earful of "You know this is Christmas day, right?". I rapidly back pedalled and made it clear I knew this was not his fault, and we had a mutual looney client.

Any of you who might have dealt with Hong Kong probably have a clue what kind of response you would get for demanding a non-active service be fixed on Chinese New Year.

Christmas was great, way too much food, too many presents, good company, lots of carols and a whole day tomorrow to play with the new toys. Hope everyone had a great day. Now it's time for some deep and dreamless sleep.

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