Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Santa gave me

Among the loot I got for Christmas, was a camera. A little one hand picked for using at concerts and such, and for carrying around in my handbag.

So I thought I'd share some of the joy of 6 year olds' Christmas decorations.

Elissa also decided, after Christmas, that she was finally serious about this walking thing.

"Seriously, I'm gonna do it Mum."

"See, I'm doing it."

But this is what a girl needs when she's serious about learning to walk.

It's just a bit tricky to get on.

Nearly there....

"Too fast for YOU!"

"I'm a star! (never you mind about the backwards helmet)"

I had nothing to do with the putting on of the bike helmet - it was all her. She has made basically no progress since she first took steps, until Boxing Day. Since then she has been actively trying to walk, taking the odd turn around the room, just because she can.

I love this camera. Any idiot can take nice photos. Although any idiot can't get them off the camera. When you plug the phone into the USB port of the Mac, it doesn't load as a disc. It claims it needs the software, but the software doesn't recognise it when it is connected. Thankfully, the memory card flips into a USB device, and plugging it in works. Pretty tedious though.

And buggered if I can find the movie mode. RTFM, sadly.

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  1. She is SO cute!!!!

    I'm not good at getting the pictures onto the computer. I usually make my husband do it.