Saturday, September 12, 2009

Further construction

I've been knitting again - little projects. I figured it would be quick and easy to make head bands, so I visited the bead shop, grabbed some wool to go with what I bought and got stuck in. Some might suggest that I should have read some instructions regarding how to do beaded knitting, but they'd just be silly. (I did look up some instructions when I was about half way through and discovered I might actually have a use for those teeny tiny crochet hooks my mother kept for herself.)

These two were made for the birthday party we went to today - the birthday girl was turning three.

When I saw these little flowers, they leapt out at me as perfect for this kid.

And everyone loves rainbow colours.

The top one was done with 3 ply in moss stitch, with the flowers knitted into the right side purl stitches. The rainbow one is 8 ply and all garter stitch, but done on small needles. I think it had about the right structural integrity for a head band, but I still want to work out the best way to incorporate seed beads and I doubt that 8 ply is going to work for me for that, somehow.

And the real miracle is that they appear to fit properly!

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