Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Brain rewiring

Today marks the beginning of Elissa's ability to express narrative memory. When I picked her up from day care, I asked her what she did today, and she told me, for the first time. It started as "I made it" and "I sleep", but then it was like she understood the concept and she told me "I play Kiara", "I ride scooter", "I outside, had hat" (with dramatic gesticulation at her head) and so much more I lost track. There was reading and eating and, well, you know, day care stuff. She seems to have gone from blank stare to almost full recount (in telegraphic speech) in one day.

By bed time, she was still giving me a rundown of all the events of the evening. I think she's a bit keen on this recount thing.

The boys were still getting their heads around recount at nearly 3 - I remember asking them what they did and having to prompt them. All I ever got was a slightly confused "Yeah". Why are you asking? You clearly already know...

I wonder if, by starting to build up those narrative memory pathways earlier than her brothers she will form permanent memories sooner?

Regardless, I suspect we have found that on switch that has no off.

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