Sunday, September 13, 2009

Handicraft day update

A couple of weeks ago I proposed one day a month in which we could get together, chat, listen to music and make things that we could buy from China for a fraction of the cost. In response, I pretty much got an even split between Friday and Sunday. The only possible solution is to do both. (I know, I make many sacrifices.)

My first suggestion (open to objections) is the first Sunday of the month and the Friday 2 weeks after. Nominal time frame of 10am - 2pm? What do you think?

Update: Choosing the October long weekend was possibly not my most brilliant moment. How about the last Sunday in the month?


  1. Sept 27th is free for me but Adam will probably have to head off to Brisbane (he's trying for Monday morning but they may insist he comes earlier). Oct 25th is Tom's birthday, can't see me getting away with that! 2nd Friday of the month is my Canteen day so that's going to clash fairly often if we go for the Friday 2 weeks after the last Sunday of the month...

    Yep, I'm real helpful :P

    I'm more likely to be free regularly for Fridays (other than canteen days!), don't try and organise the Sunday ones around me, but I'll come to them if I can.

  2. Ok, seems reasonable. The first Sunday was my pick because Mum has stitching on the last Saturday and I thought Nerida might be keen.

    So two fridays after the 1st of the month would be better for you? I'm good with that.

    Should we go with last Sunday and 2nd Friday? And as for the end of October, it all depends on how much Tom likes to weave. Although I suspect we are more than willing to grant dispensation for him. Of course, all crafters (including weavers) get cake on their birthday...

  3. I think I'm confused...the 2nd Friday of each month is my Canteen duty. What do you mean by "last Sunday and 2nd Friday?"

  4. No idea what I meant by that - one too many glasses of wine perhaps?

    3rd Friday even? 27th September for our first Sunday session and then discuss it with others?

    This Friday is 3rd Friday, do we want to have a go at it this Friday?

  5. Okiedokie. Lets do this Friday - even if it's just you and me! :)