Monday, July 12, 2010

Can't blog. Knitting.

I've got my knitting mojo on, and have been knitting at night instead of blogging. I finally finished the bolero cardigan I was knitting for Elissa. It's a bit big, and the sleeves are folded up in the photo, so you can't see the cuffs. It should still fit next year. It was an easy knit (a pattern I found on Red Heart), all stocking stitch and simple knit stitch decorative edging. It doesn't matter if you like it, she adores it. I'm having trouble making her take it off.

As you can see, dirty clothes that clash violently are no object.

I also finished off a very simple headband for Elissa, which she also loves. It's knitted sort of sideways - 40-odd stitches and about 5 rows. It's stocking stitch, but I like the reverse side better. You can't see it, because she refused to stand still.

Clearly I was being tiresome....

But she's still wearing the cardi....


  1. So cuuuute! Hee!

    I actually really like that action shot, she's clearly having fun :-)

  2. Yeah, she was. There was a photo in between in which all I got was a wisp of hair against a full shot of floorboards. :) There was much dancing and carrying on.

  3. She is very cute. Love the little bolero. Dirty clothes that clash violently seem to be de riguer at our place. I'm sure cleanliness kicks in sometime before they are 21.

  4. Thanks Mindy. She is cute, that's what keeps her alive. :)

    I suppose cleanliness must kick in, mustn't it? No signs anywhere in my house yet.