Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quickie scarf

I bought some purple rope wool acrylic yarn to make myself a quick scarf. I was going to make this scarf I found on Ravelry, but it looked awful with this stuff. Instead, I decided to use a modification of the shrug I made. I started Sunday evening, and finished it today. I didn't even knit all that much. Very, very quick and only one 50g ball of Moda Vera Hope which I paid a huge $5 for.

It's not elegant, just all loopy and snuggly and warm.

This is the world's easiest pattern:

Cast on 11 stitches.

Knit 2 rows.

K1, *YO, K2 together*, repeat *..* until the last stitch, K1

Repeat that row until you have only enough wool for 3 rows.

Knit 2 rows.

Cast off.

Weave in yadda yadda.

A doddle, in other words.

And I've got some other wool which I'll use for the "Oh No" scarf.

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