Monday, July 05, 2010

Master 5

My bub born on the 4th of July turned 5 today yesterday, and we celebrated in the traditional way, with his friends, too much food and a cake. Well, I call it a cake, you can judge for yourself below.

I have a formula for kids' birthday parties, and I rarely deviate. Kids, backyard, food with as little nutritional value as possible, Sunday, 2-5pm. And a cake that I make, with way more confidence than actual skill.

Today Yesterday started out pretty wobbly. It was too wet on the back deck for the kids to go out at the beginning of the party, so I tried to get some party games underway inside. I had no luck at all, and was not assisted by the birthday boy who had an attack of the shys and was hiding under a chair. So I sent them to the table to eat and we reassessed the outside situation. We finally got enough sugar into Charlie to loosen him up and we released the mob to the backyard.

There they stayed until I called them in an hour and half later for pass the parcel.

That finished, they bolted back outside and I had to round them up again for the cake. *Cough* Erm, the cake. It was supposed to be a cake with a chocolate dome that gets smashed to reveal the cake with goodies underneath. Sadly, the chocolate didn't come out of the bowl at all well. It ended up more of a mudslide than a dome. Still, I turned it to its slightly better side, and seriously covered it with lollies, to produce this frankenstein.

Yes, in case you're wondering, those things holding up the candles are bits of pineapple, I failed to make the cupcakes that I had intended to use for this purpose. First class disaster all round. And then I remembered we needed a hammer. A trip to the garage and some foil, and voila:

And so I took it all to the table and after the blowing and the singing, there was the smashing.

It was hard work, and they were all willing him on.

In the end, I had to help him, and then finish it off with a knife. It was worth it.

I had approximately 7.2 seconds to take this shot before this happened:

Once they'd all eaten, they disappeared outside again and I had to round them up again to come in and open the presents. I don't have a photo of that, but it looked pretty much like the one above, but with a present in the middle of the fists instead of a cake.

Another party executed. Smiles all round at the end of the day. And it wiped me out so badly I couldn't even manage to blog it last night.

Four months until the next one.


  1. The cake looks great!

    I have a bog standard formula for parties too. Fairy bread, sausage rolls, ham and egg mini-club sammies, chippies, tiny sausies and tomato sauce, served in patty-cake liners for the first course, followed by fruit and lolly kebabs, meringues, and traffic light jellies for dessert, all followed by cake. In recent years, the girls have started to run their own entertainment - talent shows, mostly. It's all great fun.

    Happy birthday, Charlie.

  2. Well done! Kids parties are the best - pass the parcel, cakes with smarties, smiling children... And happy birthday to your Charlie.

  3. You're very generous Deborah, although it's true that despite the ugliness, the kids thought it was pretty cool. Enough chocolate will redeem pretty much any lack of aesthetics. :)

    Thanks Katrina - they are the best. So easy to please and they don't care that it's the same every time!

  4. I love that cake!
    *is taking notes for future reference*