Friday, July 23, 2010

Family secrets

On the way to school Friday morning, Ben asked about which schools are where in our general vicinity, and then which high school he would go to. I have no idea which high school he would go to anyway, but there is the added confusion that we have a family fantasy that we will build the uber-house somewhere on a large lump of land and live with our extended family.

Since walking to school is all about chatting, I told him about our vague plans and what they might mean to him. To his great credit, after I explained that moving away still allows for train trips to mates' houses and Internetz connections, he was totally down with it. He was enthusiastic about having more time and space to play with his siblings.

Ok, I admit, this child is the offspring of space aliens, because there is no way I made a kid who takes the suggestion that he move 2 hours away from his best friend in his stride, and then sees spending more time with his siblings as a bonus.

For some reason, I'm taking this as a positive sign that we should take this option seriously. Of course, this may be because blaming Ben is a really easy way out.

No, I'm sorry, there is no point to this post. But if you feel like donating a lazy mil to our cause, I'll take it. Failing that, I guess we'll continue to agonise over pros and cons forever. That, and design floor plans. I'm very good at designing floor plans.


  1. Designing floor plans is good for the soul. I re-did ours today, again, this time there's definitely room for the billiards table and we get a bonus bar for the beer tap too! But still no open fire :P

  2. And do you have 2 washing machines now?

    My plans now seem to include a pine forest. :)

  3. Yes, yes I do potentially have 2 washing machines! :-)