Saturday, September 11, 2010

Elissa, aged two and three quarters

In the car yesterday:

Elissa: At day care, C always says "poo poo". That's not funny, it's just rude.

Me: I'm glad you have such a sophisticated sense of humour

Elissa: Yeah, cause when I fart, it makes a sort of noise, and that's funny.


Also in the car yesterday:

Elissa: When I grow up, I'm going to be a daddy.

Me: Well, you can't actually be a daddy. The only difference between a mummy and a daddy is whether you're a girl or a boy. They're both parents. But you don't have to be a mummy, you can grow up to be a woman. [Explanation of difference between woman and mummy.]

Elissa: Oh yeah, womans are funny. I'm going to grow up to be a woman.


One morning this week:

Elissa: [from the bedroom] MUMMYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

[Crash is out of bed, and so opens her bedroom door for her]

Elissa: [Slams door] I SAID MUMMY! [Much howling and gnashing of teeth]

[Repeat - THREE TIMES!]

Finally, Ben opens her door and she gives up and goes down stairs with him.


A week or two ago:

Elissa: Ben, can you make my breakfast?

Ben: Mummy can make your breakfast.

Elissa: [Sadly, with resignation] Asleep.

Ben: OK, I'll make your breakfast.

(I almost felt guilty. Mostly I was laughing.)

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