Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The "wrong" shape

Last Friday night, the lovely Dr Samantha Thomas invited me (and many others, including Mim) to the Bodies Abound event in Newtown. There was some visual art, and 8 spoken presentations which varied from folks reading aloud to performance. (Or something like that, not that reading aloud isn't some kind of performance...)

It was a really fabulous night that really celebrated every body shape and shared the pain of being the "wrong" shape. There were fat people, skinny people and trans people. Sadly I can't share the things that were presented that night as I don't think there are any online versions of any of it.

Instead, I've got a small selection of links to people talking about various aspects have the "wrong" shape. I hope you can find some time to read them and they make you feel better about your body, no matter what shape it is.

Lots of the people at Bodies Abound were from the Fat Studies Conference that (the also very lovely) Dr Sam Murray organised at Macquarie Uni.

Nicholosophy speaks on how it's different when you're a bloke. It's different, but that doesn't make it fun.

Definatalie has a different story again. Another perspective, which surprised and interested me.

Fat is obviously not the only way to be "wrong" shaped, you can also have the "wrong" physical gender. This is a wonderful piece from the conservative father of a transgender child.

There are some summaries of the Fat Studies Conference out there too.


I'll add any others I come across. Please, go, read, feel better. :)

Update 21/9/10 And here is another one:
Sam Murray's piece from Bodies Abound. I laughed, and it was supportive.


  1. I'm so behind on reading blogs!!

    Thank you so much for the linkage and the kind words. I wish I didn't make you cry though.

  2. Heh. Don't worry about making me cry, I do it a lot, really. :)