Monday, June 15, 2009

Feminism 101 - for a 6 yr old

I didn't get a shower this morning, because I was having this conversation:

Ben explains that he doesn't want to go to a birthday party because the invitation is Disney Princesses. After several minutes of fruitless "why", "I don't know" exchanges, we finally managed to achieve actual communication.

Me: Is it because people say that boys can't do girl stuff?

Ben: No, people don't say that.

Me: Is it more in their actions? Boys just don't do girl stuff?

Ben: Yeah.

Me: But nobody thinks girls can't do boy stuff, do they?

Ben: No.

Me: Do you know why that is? It's because boys think they are better than girls, and so they think boy stuff must be better than girl stuff. Does that sound right to you? [granted, this is an oversimplification, but you know... he's 6]

Ben: No!

Me: But, I have to say, I don't like those princesses either. They are a bit pathetic, they don't do anything, they just sit around and wait for people to rescue them. But not all princesses are like that, Princess Leia isn't like that is she?

Ben: No, she's not! And I really like her.

Me: So I'm not saying you have to like all girl stuff, just that you shouldn't decide you don't like it just because it's girl stuff. After all, pink is your favourite colour isn't it?

Ben: [Pointing to the icky Barbie pink on the invitation] But not that pink, that's horrible.

Me: Well, yes. That is pretty horrible. But this other pink is ok. And just because there are princesses doesn't mean the party is going to be like the princesses. L isn't that kind of kid is she? She doesn't sit around doing nothing does she? She was getting soaked and bashing the pinata at your party wasn't she?

Ben: [big grin] Yes. She's fun to play with.

So the upshot is that we will be going to the party, but we won't be buying any Disney Princesses as presents...

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