Sunday, June 07, 2009

Meme silliness

This one's been kicking around for a while. Googling "[insert name here] needs" seems appropriate for Sunday.

So what I need according to Google is:

Ariane needs my help with hat shopping. Well I am rather fond of hat shopping, but I don't really care what Martha thinks.

Ariane needs Chris’s help again and when he complies, he is the target of revenge. I suspect my life is just about anything but a Harlequin Historical

Ariane needs a page turner. I was thinking that after all my stats reading, I did need a page turner, but apparently this is in reference to music pages rather than easy-read novels...

Ariane needs to go! She sucks! I think this is the first time I have managed to insult myself in a meme.

Ariane needs the Pandore library, or any other program library. This explains much - apparently my life is missing essential subroutines.

Ariane needs to cuddle. Mostly I'd like cuddles that don't come with snot...

Ariane needs Java. My day has been disturbingly coffee-free

Ariane needs to talk with a child. Nope, I really think this need is quite fulfilled.

Ariane ... needs a string of successes. I wouldn't say needs, but I wouldn't complain

Ariane needs to get over herself and do her best. Mmmm, fair point.

Apparently I am mostly a computer game, a main character in a movie I've never heard of, a rocket and a contestant on a chef reality TV show.


  1. There has been a notable lack of coffee in my day so far too. Must do something about that.

  2. As Kristin Chenoweth so aptly puts it: Bring me java, bring me joy.
    Nuff said really ;)