Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Leadership? What leadership?

I guess we won't be getting a solar electricity system any time soon. Labor have canned the rebate 3 weeks early without warning. Looking into the plausibility of installing such a system was on my to-do list for next week - post Japan, client router problems, delivering a training course and exams.

This is utterly irresponsible from an environmental point of view, and also from a business perspective. Companies trying to operate in this market can't possibly survive if K.Rudd keeps moving the goalposts.

I don't even necessarily want a grant, what I really want is an interest free loan, that I pay off based on a reduction in my electricity bills. But that would be sensible, and sensible and government have never been good friends. Or even acquaintances.

I think it was pretty clear from the last election that global warming is a significant concern for most of the population of Australia, and a significant part of K.Rudd's win. This just isn't good enough.

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