Sunday, August 30, 2009

Creativity with socialising

Twittering with Mim, we have hatched a plan for a bit of a handicraft group. Time is short in most people's lives, so we were thinking maybe once a month. Having sat here knitting and singing along to the better of the Max playlist tonight, I was considering music in the background, to be turned up as required for singalongs.

So I'm thinking creativity meets Singstar meets Ladies-Please-Bring-a-Plate. (All Gentleman also welcome (with a plate!) - Eric where are you? And are you still knitting?)

Would any Sydney-siders be interested? If so, would a week day be better for you or a Sunday?

I am also considering one weekday (Friday probably) and one Sunday a month, if there was sufficient interest.

I do accept this may be just me and Mim. I'm good with that option too. :)

So if you have been considering learning a craft, or returning to one long discarded, let me know if this might work for you. Can't tell you the benefit of it when I go to my mother's shop and knit surrounded by women doing all sorts of stitchery. They've taught me useful knitting stuff, and passed on all sorts of other wisdom.


  1. If I was in Sydney (and not in Wellington) I would join you. Fantastic idea - I love the idea of getting together to share stuff like this. Once upon a time I started a scrapbooking group like that which quickly balloonned to 40 women and then to a shop.... but that's another story. Good luck

  2. Hi Mel, sounds great. My mother runs a stitching shop too...

    I've got a taker over on FB, who needs a Sunday. Any other interest?