Monday, October 26, 2009

7 ... er ... 2 Bridges

Yesterday we set out for the 7 Bridges Walk as intended, despite BOM making dire predictions. It all went smoothly to begin with. We met up with our fellow walkers on the train, got our registration books and wristbands at Milson's Point and headed over the Harbour Bridge.

First small hitch - the Harbour Bridge is anything but accessible. It is really appalling that one of this country's most famous landmarks has about 3469 steps to get on and off it. We were OK, we only had to lug 2 prams up the steps, but anyone weighing more than 25kg is excluded. As we were hauling the pram + 2yr old up the stairs, I commented on the lack of accessibility and an elderly woman powering past me agreed whole-heartedly. Methinks the Bridge needs a couple of lifts.

We made it up though, and I have the photo to prove it.

Elissa walked for a while (that photo was out of focus), but this was how she travelled for most of the walk.

That purple container began the day filled to the brim with sultanas. There were no survivors.

I have no idea who the two punters are who appear to be watching me taking the photo, but you can actually see the bridge behind us there. Sadly, that's about the only view you get of the bridge itself these days - they've added another row of curved in fencing with barbed wire on the road side of the path. Somehow I doubt that it's coincidental that this was never done before there was a commercial venture conducting walks on the Bridge.

So this is the only photo of the coat hanger itself I could get.

We were watching the rain come in as we headed around to Darling Harbour, but we remained optimistic.

Indeed, we made it across Pyrmont Bridge

But this is what it looked like outside by then:

And the only thing more miserable than walking in the rain, is walking in the rain with two 2 year olds. So we had coffee, made a mad dash for the light rail and headed home.

So I sincerely apologise if you only sponsored Elissa on the proviso that I pushed her all the way around the course. (Of course, you know, you might have donated just because it's a worthwhile cause. :) ) I do undertake to do the course on another day with more favourable weather, but honestly, I ain't taking Elissa with me. She might have made another 2 or 3 bridges, but she'd never have made the whole course. Even with 1kg of sultanas.

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