Monday, October 19, 2009

Anecdote OTD

I had an amusing racial norms moment this afternoon. I saw a person in the distance and did a massive double-take - I could have sworn she was buck-naked. A second look revealed she was wearing skin coloured clothes, and I thought to myself "Odd choice, to wear all skin colour."

Then I got a little closer and realised that she was Asian, she wasn't wearing her skin colour at all, really not such an odd choice. Still it made me smile to think, however briefly, that someone was wandering around Five Dock in the nicky-noo-nar, so I suggest everyone own a monotone outfit in someone's skin colour. You might just bring a smile to someone's day for a moment or two.


  1. Just make sure its not black, the Americans will have a fit over it.

    (word verification: cuting) lol

  2. Black wouldn't work, it doesn't look like black skin colour - wouldn't make anyone smile....