Monday, October 12, 2009

Family snapshots

There have been studies done on the impact of birth order on children's personalities. I haven't read them, but people have told me (so it must be true). I've been told that eldest children are pleasers and rule followers, second children are comedians and if a third child is the first of their gender, they'll be a pleaser too.

So I offer a small piece of my morning as utterly useless anecdata:


The two boys are upstairs playing trains. Screeching breaks out, with clear indications that Ben is screaming at Charlie for breaking the train track. Elissa is downstairs. When the yelling starts, she looks up at the ceiling and says, "What's wrong with Ben?". "He's yelling, isn't he?", says I and she furrows her brow and says "I'm going up there."

Up she goes, and 5 minutes later they all come downstairs happy.


Ben: aged nearly 7, rule follower extraordinaire
Charlie: aged 4, source of chaos and comedy
Elissa: aged very nearly 2, peacemaker


  1. So how many people were involved in the sample data? lol

    I am the eldest, I make my own versions of the rules, I cannot tolerate rules, nor authority. The rebel's rebel; the outlaw. I am the comedian of the family, my sister is the joke! She is the one more likely to follow rules.

    I am so glad your family fits the "cliche" lol. I am not fond of cliche's in general lol...

    If we had a hypothetical third sibling, I'd hope they might find some sort of median. lol For their sake LOL

    P.S. the verification word was "medam" its almost MEDIAN lol unless "me" just DAMNED :)~~~

  2. Heh. I didn't say I *believed* any of this nonsense. I just thought it was funny that they were kinda sorta exemplifying it that morning... :)

    And yeah, I am also an eldest child with a problem with authority - maybe it's because we were the ones making the rules as kids. :)