Sunday, October 25, 2009

End of an era

Our cot days are over.

This is Elissa, totally chuffed to be in her "big girl bed". Of course, being the super-organised and well-prepared parents that we are, we don't actually have a big girl bed for her yet. It's just her cot mattress thrown on the floor, as you can see here:

I'm not entirely sure why the camera chose to focus so beautifully on Charlie's ear, but there you go. You can see the dimensions anyway.

Why did we move her to a bed we didn't have? Because she asked, that's why. She's been constantly demanding to sleep in Charlie's bed and telling us she wanted to sleep in a big bed, so we figured we may as well let her do it.

So of course she was utterly over the moon and all went completely smoothly.

Right up until we all left the room. At which point the "I don't like it"s and the "Put it back"s started. But I've played this game before, and I know that if I had put it back in the cot, she would then have demanded it go back on the floor, so we persevered. It took until about 9:30pm for her to finally give in - ultimately achieved by me lying in the bed and claiming it as my own. I was booted out with cross looks and she slept all night in her new bed.

This afternoon's sleep also involved a bit of carry on, but I just checked her and she was under the covers surrounded by toys and out cold, so the cot can officially be dismantled and removed from the room. Woo hoo!

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