Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kid conversations

Aliens were the topic of discussion at dinner one night. Ben and I discussed the likelihood of life on Mars, alien space ships on earth and intelligent life somewhere. There was a very long discussion about how no aliens have ever been seen by people. Then,

Charlie: What do aliens look like?

Me: Well, we don't know, we've never seen any.

Charlie: They have 5 eyes.

Me: Do they?

Charlie: Yes, and they're green


Elissa: Mummy, close your eyes.

Me: Why, so you can do something you're not allowed to?

Elissa: Yes.


Charlie: That's the doctors where we went when I was sick. We waited a long time and then went to the other doctors because it was taking too long.

Me: That's right, it was taking way too long and you were sick and it was late.

Charlie: Yes. [Much discussion about the finer details of the evening] That was a long time ago. Was I a toddler then?

Me: No, it was only last year, you were still 4.

Charlie: No, it was a long time ago.

Me: No, it wasn't that long ago, it was only last year.

Charlie: Ok, Mummy, we can pretend that's true.


Charlie: Mummy, I can still remember that.


Elissa: MUMMY! I'm looking out the window

Me: You really don't have to give me a running commentary on every single thing.

Crash: She's learning how to tweet.


  1. LOL. Very literally.

    And now Adam is too :-)

  2. I love the, 'Ok, Mummy, we can pretend that's true.' Hilarious and adorable.