Monday, May 17, 2010

Today I'm grateful for a child care centre that my kids are happy to go to - at least as happy as Charlie gets about anything like that. Monday mornings suck enough, if I had to go through more than the ritual of 742 kisses, cuddles and "goodbye"s, they'd be utterly unbearable.

I'd also like to mention that I'm so proud of him saying "goodbye" so fiercely it makes people stare, because it's how he stops himself from getting more worked up and crying. It's a step along the way from screaming heebie jeebies to a casual "Bye Mum". Actually, it's a big step, this is much better.


  1. It's a great step. It took Trent 6 months before he stopped crying everytime I left him. Any break, holiday or illness, would be a backwards step. But now he is almost at the stage of forgetting to say goodbye and he has changed centres so that is a major step.

  2. It's exhausting isn't it? Charlie's been in childcare for 2 years now, and he still struggles, although it has almost completely stopped at pre-school - he just gets a little quiet for a while after drop off.

    He'll be fine at school next year I think.