Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trains reprised

I see that NSW State Rail, unlike their Victorian counterparts, are quite happy to put all of the safety responsibility onto travellers. I particularly like the call for children take great care getting on and off the train.

I'm not even slightly surprised though - State Rail has a history of making everything Somebody Else's Problem. Too many trains running late? Clearly the definition of "late" is wrong. Signalling system inadequate? Slow down the trains, increase trip times and tell people you've increased safety. Too many people falling off the platforms? Shout about all the education you've been providing.


  1. So that toddler whose pram rolled off the edge wasn't taking enough care?

    I agree that individuals have to take responsibility for themselves, and their children, but that does not negate the obligations of State Rail in keeping thier customers safe.

  2. Indeed. If there are basic design flaws that make the situation more dangerous than it needs to be, State Rail are obligated to do something about it.

    In the end, the annoying thing is that it doesn't even occur to State Rail that there might be something that they have to do, as opposed to blaming the public. Maybe other options are too expensive or difficult to implement, but I have no faith that they have even considered the possibility.