Sunday, July 13, 2008

Are tie dye and politics compatible?

Some intrepid teacher decided that it would be fun to get 22 kindy and year 1 kids to tie dye t-shirts. In her infinite wisdom, she also decided to do this in winter. Two simple problems - trying to buy a white cotton t-shirt in June, and kid desperate to wear it in July. I found a singlet, and today he managed to get it on.

This shirt is just SO Ben.

So I'm not sure how that will sit with his other main characteristic - built in diplomacy.

While setting the table tonight he was very specific about which of the two glasses was to be mine. When I looked quizzical he explained - "I wanted you to have that glass because you're lighter and Daddy can have that glass because he is stronger."

I wasn't aware there was a significant weight difference in our glasses, but there you go. And what a lovely way of saying I'm a weakling...

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