Friday, July 18, 2008

The Vines

My sister and I both won tickets to see a Triple J gig at Manning Bar on Wednesday night, which definitely made my week.

The Dukes of Windsor were first up, and I really enjoyed them. Melodic poppy rock. Fun to watch, and nothing in the way of rock star airs. In fact, they look like the chess club started a band. The keyboard player was the only one who actually had a haircut.

Then was The redsunband, who did not rock my world. The sound was terrible. I'm pretty sure the vocalist has a great voice, but it was very hard to hear her. It pretty much sounded like a long, uninteresting drum solo with some added background noise.

And then we got to see The Vines. Legendary for some of the worst live performances ever given. Legendary for having a crazy lead singer. Since the legends began, Craig, the lead singer, has been diagnosed with (I think) Asbergers, and has obviously learned to manage it a little better. But the "creative" personality type was still visible, possibly all part of the show. I'd have been disappointed if there was no crazy, after all he traded on it for several years.

The performance was actually pretty good. Short sharp songs, lots of posturing and ridiculous hairdos. All good. I'd say they are worth a looksee if they don't cost you a bomb, but your dollars are probably better spent on The Dukes of Windsor...

And this grainy picture of The Dukes is definitely leading me in the direction of asking for a pocket sized decent camera for Chrissy...

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  1. Ooh won tickets to The Vines, how bout that. Nice.