Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fogey Rock

Last night a small miracle occurred, Crash and I went to see a concert together. He hates crowds, and isn't a huge music fan, so I mostly go without him. But last night we went to see Ian Moss, Jon Stevens and two other people, one of whom I am going to have to Google to finish this post. We went to the salubrious establishment of Campbelltown RSL.

As a result of Friday, I hadn't put any thought into the logistics of this event beyond baby sitting. So we succumbed to peer pressure and ate at the RSL. The queue to order was 45 minutes long, and this to get plate of deep fried goodness. I ordered tempura barramundi. I'm guessing the cook had once heard the word tempura and thought it would look better on the sign than "Fish and Chips II". As we walked up to the auditorium, Crash said to me "Have I become a snob?". Yes. I am a snob. I don't care how cheap it is or isn't, I don't want to eat god awful RSL food.

The support acts were Jack Jones, from Southern Sons, and who is mostly famous for the world's biggest mullet, and Tania Doko from Bachelor Girl. They seemed awkward, great voices, but little else.

Jon Stevens (of Noiseworks fame) did an acoustic set. Not bad for an old bloke, very entertaining, great voice, but absolutely no atmosphere in an auditorium full of 8 seater tables and 50-something, apparently disinterested people.

Ian Moss did a few Chisel songs, more than last time I saw him, finishing obviously with Bow River. I think his musical style has changed too much, and he kept improvising in a very southern blues kind of way, which truly doesn't go with his older music. Telephone Booth sounded like he was playing 3 songs at once. Choir Girl he mixed up, but the audience carried on regardless. He also got one of the lines wrong. He is an awesome musician, but the show didn't come together. Ironic really, since after he finished he came back on with Jon Stevens and they did a truly great version of Come Together. They finished with Georgia, which was ultimately marred by the consistently shocking efforts of the sound guy.

Noiseworks are doing another tour, and if they play somewhere other than an RSL, I would seriously consider going. It was fun, Jon Stevens loves being on stage, he is there for a good time and hopes the audience comes along for the ride. Ian Moss felt more like he was sharing his musical genius with us.

Next gig is The Herd, for a change of pace. From youngest person to oldest person. And I went to Angus and Julia Stone with Toni a few weeks back. Pretty good, although grouping all the downbeat stuff together was perhaps not the best choice. They are delightful and varied, lovely to lose yourself in. If you see them around, go see them.


  1. Dana (one of the Browncoats) has been telling everyone how good Angus and Julia Stone are for a while now, I believe she's a bit of a groupie and gets to hang out with them at gigs.

    I'm a snob too, can't bear RSL food. Dark ages stew cooked in a cauldron over an open fire on the other hand turns out to be kinda awesome.

  2. I remember seeing Noiseworks in those dark old days.I finally have a car with a CD player so I am doing a resurgence of my CD´s (of which I haven´t brought any in the past 10 years or so). I have been listening to Cruel Sea, Frente, The Church, and my favorite, Swoop. I can remember that I saw Swoop about 14 times. I followed them like a groupie. Those days are long over (have you seen the film the banger sisters?)

  3. No, I haven't seen the Banger Sisters, although it's on the list. I see very few movies, and they rarely reflect what I actually want to see.

    I only remember the one Swoop song...