Thursday, July 10, 2008

The strange attraction of the baby aisle

I send a fruit gel or custard to day care as an afternoon snack for Elissa. They can stay in the bag until next time if they aren't needed, so they are handy. I ran out today, so I needed to restock at the supermarket (along with formula and nappy rash cream).

Why do I get a little rush of joy when I have reason to stand and look in the baby aisle? I look at all the little jars and satchels and the brightly coloured toys and dummies and other accessories and I get a strange sense of bliss. I don't buy any of it, just the stuff I actually went in for. But even when I was pregnant I would stop and look and wonder if I needed anything. It was peaceful.


  1. At least you have/had potential need for the stuff. For several years after I last needed anything but pull-ups from the baby aisle I would still slow down and peruse the entire collection. It took a conscious effort to NOT browse there, even now if I'm a little tired or distracted I'll find myself studying the array of dummies and baby food. Bloody weird.

  2. And whatever it is, it is definitely NOT some subconscious desire for more children...