Thursday, July 24, 2008

A good day

Today started well. I got up on time. Lunches were made and breakfasts eaten. I even made a coffee. And actually drank it - HOT!

Then I broke one of my absolute, unbreakable rules. I made a threat that I couldn't possibly carry out. When Charlie decided to back up his "I'm not going to Nessa's house" chant by pulling his shoes off, I told him if he didn't sit down and have them put on again, I would take Elissa and Ben and leave him at home by himself. He went inside and said "I'm staying here." It is fair to say I was starting to panic. I told him if he stayed at home there would be no morning tea, no lunch and no-one to look after him. Apparently that was the king hit. He crumbled. I said a silent thanks to whatever gods were listening and got them all in the car.

We were on time, everyone got where they were going and I got heaps of work and housework done. I even got a cup of tea before I had to collect them all again.

Charlie got through the evening with only 3 timeouts. (We are learning about anger management, and it is hard for a 3yr old to control his temper. Unfortunately his impulse is to hit, hence many timeouts.) We finished another Captain Underpants and now I am blogging and watching Bra Boys. It was a good day.


  1. Oooo, lucky escape there!

    So, do you like reading Captain Underpants? Personally, I'm ever so relieved that Tom can read them to himself ;-)

  2. Captain Underpants doesn't exactly rock my world - I am trying to sway him to some Roald Dahl for the next book! Looking forward to self-reading! He's only at level 3 readers at this stage.

  3. I´ve done the same threat. my child wouldn´t change her mind. I had to go through the whole rigmarole of sneakily getting her grandmother to sit in the next room to listen out for her while she saw us going off. We were only away for 5 mins before we came back to get her. Never had to use it again. Although I have had children going out shopping naked when they refused to get dressed, or not wearing shoes or wearing winter jackets in summer.