Monday, July 13, 2009

Dinner strategies

I have a new strategy with dinner. I was getting mightily sick of either the kids whinging about dinner, or eating only kid-friendly food. Cos you know, I'm the only person on earth who has ever had this problem, everyone else's kids eat everything from stews to stir fries, and beef to brussells sprouts.

Anyhoo, I made red curry over the weekend which we ate last night. It had a wee bit of chili in it, but my red curry is pretty mild. Still, I figured if the kids ever had a reason to complain, this was it. So I offered curry or baked beans. I got one taker for the curry, Charlie & Elissa had baked beans (although Elissa might well have eaten the curry). Tonight I made tacos, and as I was making the mince, I added a little more cayenne pepper and thought - taco mince or baked beans. All 3 elected baked bean soft tacos tonight. But I like it. And they still got cheese, tomato, cucumber & lettuce with it.

So we have a new policy - the Dinner or the Beans. If nothing else, they may get so sick of baked beans they might actually try something new. And I can cook pretty much whatever I like.

How long do you give it? It can't possibly work, it's too easy. But I shall cling to hope for as long as it lasts.

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  1. I reckon you're on to something here! Let us know how it works out!!