Sunday, July 05, 2009

Party, party, party

Today was the mega 4th birthday party. We were down 2 children (probably due to illness considering the amount of it going around), but it was a fine showing nonetheless.

I dreaded this one, 15 kids with an average age of 4 for 3 hours, I had no idea how I would cope. It turned out, what I did was drank tea and watched them go round and round on the slippery dip.

Nicely lining up and taking turns.

Even the little slippery dip was in demand.

To all of the parents at Charlie's party, let me say you have delightful children and they may come again any time. And also, you, yourselves, are truly wonderful people who helped all day and made the party a success.

Much food was eaten. Elissa was rather fond of the jelly, if a touch lazy.

Charlie had some serious chocolate eating to do.

The cake finally made its appearance, complete with sparklers. Charlie had been very impressed with the sparkler he was presented with at Pancakes last night, so I added some for the entrance.

We didn't end up with a very flattering photo of the cake - mostly because I am slack and didn't ice it carefully enough to the bottom (since I couldn't really see it from above), but anyway, here is the echidna, with its little flower patch to hold the candles.

Then there was the opening of the loot, and Charlie scored some pretty cool loot.

As soon as the formalities were over, they all disappeared back outside, and kept sliding while the sun set.
It was a good day. Charlie had a ball and nearly all of his best friends were there. Thanks to all who helped (with a special mention to Nerida for supplying scones and lemon cupcakes, Mum for extra kid wrangling and Ginny for balloon inflation).


  1. It looks like a lovely day was had by all. Well done you :-) I love the echidna.

    Say Happy Birthday to Charlie from us!

  2. I love the echidna cake too! Maybe you'd be kind enough to send me the recipe/instructions so we can post it up in the party section on The Mum Files??? (With credit to you of course!)

    Looks like the birthday boy had a fantastic day, and his guests too. Glad it wasn't too stressful for you either.

  3. Hey Lisa, I can't take any of the credit for the echidna cake, it came from the Womens Weekly kids cake book... The recipe for the cake itself was a really simple chocolate cake, which I decided was a bit bland and added 1.5 packets of milk and white choc bits to at the last minute. Anything tastes good with 1.5 packets of choc bits cooked into it. :)