Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kudos to good people

Just a quick post to say: Poisons Information Line - you guys rock!

I got out a tablet to take this morning and got distracted and forgot about it. When I came back after dropping the little ones off, I realised I had forgotten and went back to discover it missing. Couldn't find it anywhere and started to panic that one of the kids may have snatched it.

I rang Poisons Information, told them one of my kids may have swallowed a Telfast, and the lovely lady laughed and said that if they had, they may be a bit out of it for a while, but they'd be fine. I love these people.


  1. That was fortunate! Ive been taking Telfast recently, and it makes me Cranky lol So if one of the kids gives you uncharacteristic CHEEK then you know who swallowed it lol.
    Enjoy the concert tonight!

  2. And I would identify uncharacteristic cheek how exactly? Could be hard to identify in amongst all the ordinary cheek... :)

    Gig review up this evening, but yes, thanks, we had a great night.