Monday, July 27, 2009


Maybe it's the fact that there is a whole month of winter left, or frustration with our stupid school system or maybe it's just me, but I've got a desperate urge for massive change.

I want a different job, or no job. I want a new car (despite knowing that there isn't a single car on the market which I want to buy at the moment). I want to change Ben's school. I want to re-decorate the house. I want to move somewhere completely different. I want to clear out all the stuff we don't need.

I suspect I'm looking for a magic bullet for myriad little problems. Just ordinary, boring family issues and dramas, but the everyday ups and downs are in a positive interference phase, on the downward peak. It will all go back to white noise soon enough, but it's a good thing I am the laziest person on earth*, because otherwise we might be driving a combi, living in a yurt in Far North Queensland with almost no possessions and growing blueberries by the time it does.

* I blogged it first, I win. :P to @mimbles and @FPoliteness


  1. *concedes defeat*

    I want to knock down our house. The laziness thing is an excellent deterrent on that front :P

    What is it with the car thing? Are we really so weird that not one car company has picked our set of preferences as the ones to cater for, thus providing the perfect vehicle? We almost bought the Kia last week (I did tell you this I think) but the price wasn't good enough and I'm not bothered at all.

    Where had the wanting to change Ben's school urge come from, I thought things were pretty good there?

  2. Heh. Yeah, thinking about your house tends to lead to an endless cycle of "If you could just...", "Oh but then..."

    Apparently wanting fuel efficiency and 7 seats is just so wacky that it's inconceivable for a car manufacturer to cater for it.

    Changing Ben's school comes from nowhere. As does changing the house really. Change for its own sake. It makes no sense. Unless it comes from a desire to run away from P&C obligations - although I mostly enjoy that too....

    I'm just feeling contrary. :)