Friday, July 31, 2009

Far Out Brussel Sprout

Last night was my first time to see Eskimo Joe playing their own show. I've seen them a few times at festivals, but this was their show and also at the Hordern, which is one of my preferred venues.

They were supported by Bob Evans, but we missed about half of his set because (among other things such as over-worked friends) I had my first belly dancing class in 4 years last night. That was fun, if somewhat depressing since I could barely manage a hip drop.

Nevertheless, we saw some of it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. There was something slightly bizarre about seeing Kevin Mitchell (who records solo as Bob Evans) supporting Eskimo Joe given the number of times I'm sure Eskimo Joe supported Jebediah (fronted by Mitchell). But his years of experience shone though, and the show was tight and the sound was good.

Eskimo Joe started their set with the first two songs off Inshalla, which sounded very fine - in fact better than the album. Well, except for a wee bit of feedback in Inshalla itself - at least we know the sound engineers were really there. They played a few oldies and came back to quite a few tracks off Inshalla. They are such a great live act, it does leave you wondering why they over-produce themselves so much.

As always, they were very nice. My great aunt would think they were lovely boys. Kav Temperley, like all other rock band front men, did his bit of banter with the audience:
Are you having a good night?

*audience cheers*

It's our job to make sure that when you leave tonight, you say "Far out, that was great. Eskimo Joe rocked the House"

*audience looks a little confused - did he just say "Far out"?*
Some guys behind us called out "Hooley Dooley!". He's so damn nice, he doesn't even swear in his audience participation. Nerida speculated the back-stage conversation went something like this:
You didn't really say "Far out"? There goes any cred we ever had...
To add to all of this, he was also mind-bogglingly pleased that we all showed up, and completely chuffed to be there.

They ended the main set with Black Fingernails, Red Wine, leaving us pondering what the encore would be - From the Sea? A cover? Something with Bob Evans?

All of the above, as it turns out. The cover was We Can Get Together (orginally by Icehouse), which didn't create quite the same level of confusion as Reckless did at The Butterfly Effect. I'm loving this current trend of playing a well-chosen cover at all gigs. I gather covers were quite the rage at Splendour last weekend. Long may it last.

If I was a good photographer like Toni, I'd have some lovely photos of the night, but I don't because I'm not. So you'll have to take my word for it that it was a fantastic night, and if you haven't discovered Eskimo Joe, go give them a listen (although Inshalla is probably not their best - start with Black Fingernails, Red Wine.)

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  1. Speaking of Belly dancers lol
    I came across this Lebanese Restaurant in Bankstown which provides a belly dancer, arrack (liquor) and the traditional hookah pipe.
    see link:

    It was listed in SBS Food Safari's top 10 Lebanese Restaurants in Australia. The top 6 were in Victoria lol. Who'd have thought.

    That cheesy pull apart bread recipe, is soooo good. Ive referenced it on my blog too lol.