Sunday, July 12, 2009

Milestone marking again

Warning: This post contains graphic descriptions of wee & poo.

The morning was trundling along, swimming was done with, trains were being played with, and then Elissa mentioned she had a poo. "Big poo." No kidding. The nappy had failed in its most basic of duties, and Elissa was covered in poo from the waist down, including her shoes.

I transported her upstairs (don't ask how I did this, but I'm fairly sure the hold I was using was legal) and quickly determined that a shower was the only option. Unfortunately, she decided she wasn't showering alone, so I had to join her. I cleaned up the bulk of the mess first, working on the theory that if I was having a shower, I might as well be actually clean after it.

After cleanliness was restored, I sat her on the mat on the floor wrapped in a towel and thought I'd make a bid for a quick sit on the potty. She chose to take me up on the offer, and up the ante by having a wee. I would have been completely and utterly over the moon about this, had she actually been sitting properly on the potty. Not so much. So now she was covered in wee from the waist down, and so was one half of my bathroom. I did try to talk it up, but she mostly looked bemused. I guess watching me work out how to clean the mess up was far more interesting.

In the end, the entire episode, including mopping the bathroom floor, and every other surface she had walked over before I spotted the catastrophic nappy failure, took about an hour. There have been more glorious milestones.

PS Next post will be about The Butterfly Effect, and should involve no poo whatsoever.

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