Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hot hot hot

While I'm here, whinging about sore ears and hating the cold, temperatures are soaring in SE Australia. Many people have died in Victoria, and NSW is on the cusp, with fires burning all over the place. And tonight, I found a couple of Canadian blokes to chat to in the bar. They told me they were supporting global warming. I pointed out that global warming tends to cause colder winters and hotter summers, something their hometown of Toronto really doesn't need. I don't know if they cared, but I felt the need to say something.

Somehow I doubt my compost bin is off-setting a lot of my carbon emissions (although, MPJ, it seems to be working pretty well - very hot, not stinky and settling stuff we put in there within a few days). When asked recently, by GetUp, what I thought the economic stimulus package should be spent on, I said interest free loans for solar power installations. If I could pay off such an installation off the back of reduction in my electricity bills, rather than find the $20k or so it would cost up front, I would cover my roof with solar panels and massively reduce my carbon footprint. Alas economic realities exist for my family. Less so for our government. They can go into debt, no-one takes their country away from them. Come on Kev, let us borrow enough from you to make solar our world, it might save lives as well as carbon.

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  1. Not stinky and working well for the composter sounds good! I'd love to start doing that myself.