Monday, February 23, 2009

The other Charlie

Charlie, it seems, lives a double life. This, from his pre-school teacher this afternoon:

"I was just telling Mrs B today how wonderful our lives would be if everyone was like Charlie."

Who is this Charlie of whom you speak, and what have you done with my child?

The thing is though, the afternoons he has been at pre-school, he really is delightful. He is currently playing with his sister on the lounge, and they are both having a ball. They have been at it for half an hour and there have been no tears, or yelling, or anything but giggle and laughter.

It just highlights how frustrating it is that schools here only have one intake per year. He just isn't going to be ready academically to go to school next year, but I really think he'll be ready for the structure and the independence and identity outside of this house. If he could start mid-year next year, it'd be perfect.

Plenty of school systems start kids when they turn 5, what's wrong with ours?*

*Yes, ok, I know that question requires at least an essay in response, but it was just a figure os speech. :)

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