Sunday, February 22, 2009

To make you feel guilty

Courtesy of my sister, is the The Story of Stuff. I've no idea how long it's been kicking around, so you may have seen it. It isn't anything new, but seeing it all put together in such a succinct form has made me face the reality of our consumerism. Again.

I definitely need to put more emotional energy into resisting consumerism. She says, typing on her Mac, watching her LCD TV.

However, I am giving myself, perhaps, a slightly more attainable goal. I am going to try to resist at least the "perceived obsolescence". The LCD TV was only bought when the 20 year old (second hand) CRT died. Not everything in this house can make the same claim. I need to work much harder on that.

Perhaps I need a 12 step program. And a sponsor. Someone to tell me when my consumerism is showing. Geez, they'd be busy. But seriously, this can't be that hard. And the alternative may be much harder. Wish me luck.

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