Friday, February 27, 2009

My kids

Things I love about my kids right now:
  • The way Elissa (after being put to bed) listens for me to finish with the boys and then screams the moment I set foot on the stairs. I go in, she has a cuddle and immediately lays down to sleep.
  • Elissa's evil, evil laugh.
  • Charlie's transformation from toddler to pre-schooler. He looks like one, and more and more he is acting like one.
  • Charlie's complete inability to maintain the rage when presented with anything remotely amusing.
  • Ben's blossoming ability to read. Watching it all come together for him (although he's not there yet) is just awesome.
  • Ben's increasing self-confidence. He'll have a go at most things now. He'll listen to advice and even criticism (sometimes) without a meltdown. I can see him actively engaging in learning how to be a social being, and I love it.
Things I could do without in my kids right now:
  • Elissa's 0-screeching in 1.7 seconds temper. That child has way too many opinions for my own good.
  • The fact that 90% of Charlie's conversations end in poo.
  • The strange contrast that while Charlie can't seem to wrench his attention away from poo, Ben can't seem to remember he did one long enough to wipe and flush.


  1. Conversations ending in poo are something that completely crack me up about kids. To each her own, I guess.

  2. I mostly like it too, it's just that it is SO MUCH of his conversation. After you have been called poo for the 378th time today, it gets a little old.

    Having said that, I rather like the version of our national anthem in which "our home is girt by poo".