Monday, February 02, 2009

So long and thanks for all the controversy

Justice Michael Kirby stepped down from the High Court today, as required by his age. He's a man I admire and respect, and Australia is a better place for his existence. I read a tiny bit of his work when I did a law course, and had difficulty reading it with sufficient criticism - it was wonderfully written and inspired a lot of yelling in agreement from me, much to the amazement of my hairdresser.

I would just like to add my thanks to all the tributes to him. I would like to thank him for continuing to make decisions guided by his conscience despite strong opposition. I would like to thank him for making his sexual orientation public and refusing to be defined by it. I would like to thank him for his other charitable work. And I would like to express my delight in finding him to be a warm and friendly man on the one occasion I was fortunate enough to meet him.

I'm sure Virginia Bell will be a worthy replacement, and I look forward to reading about her work in the future.

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