Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just when I think they're over-reacting

I sometimes find myself a little impatient with people who write about the world viewing women as nothing more that tits and a uterus. I mean, no-one I know treats women like that. Ok, some of them think that it is pretty cool that people they like to drink with also come with boobies, but that isn't quite the same thing.

And then, over on Cake Wrecks, I find this:

Apart from the (hysterical) analysis already done by Jen - at the point in your pregnancy when you feel like you are pretty much only tits and a uterus, is this the cake you want to have presented to you at a baby shower? *shudder*.

Granted, as cake, it is much less disturbing than this, but who in their right mind thinks anyone wants to be depicted this way?


  1. Did the person in the bath give birth to the cake, because if they did that is very peculiar and I am kind of avoiding the logical end point of thinking like that, given that it makes Hansel and Gretel look like a walk in the park.

    Also, I think I'd like the one with the tricolour manicure better if that was the baby's hand coming out.

    I'll stop thinking now. If I can.


  2. Have you considered decorating cakes professionally? A baby's manicured hand coming out of mum? That sort of stuff would get you a permanent gig at Cake Wrecks. :)

    Yeah, I was trying hard not to think about the origins of the cake...