Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Interwebs are winning

Since last time I travelled, free Internet access has hit the Qantas lounge. And I didn't realise for the first hour I was here. Bugger.

I think all international business should be done in spring and autumn. This attempting to find clothes for the opposite season nonsense is just more stress than a person reasonably needs. Not to mention what to wear for the flights. 30 degrees here, 5 degrees there. What ensemble meets that need, I ask you?

All being well I'll be able to bring you plenty of culturist tales of Japanese society from tomorrow evening. It is a bizarre culture that seems to produce lovely individuals from a massively broken society - I love visiting the people I know there, but I constantly feel the Japanese Culture as a palpable presence, watching me and judging my every move.

Wish me luck, that I only cause minor offence in an amusing, gaijin, kind of way.

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