Sunday, August 02, 2009

Exercise will be had

It's been a year since I've done anything resembling consistent exercise. This is Bad for me. I know, I can feel it. It was time to commit to something and damn the consequences. But if I'm going to get all serious about it, I'm going to have fun too goddamnit. So I decided to go back to belly dancing. I started belly dancing many moons ago in the years BC (Before Children). I took about a year's break when Ben was born, but I went back before I fell pregnant with Charlie. My last term was up to about 6 or 7 months preggers with Charlie, and then I never went back.

I looked up all the schools and decided to go back to the place I was last at, mostly on the basis of timetables. And then I went cap in hand to Crash and asked if I could have a weekly leave pass on a Thursday night. This would not be necessary, but for the fact that the class goes right through dinner, bath and bedtime. I feel guilty about leaving him with it all. For about 35 seconds after I leave the house.

My first class was last Thursday. I can still shimmy. That'd be it really. Oh, and some figure eights. Hip drops are coming back, but lack that automatic, don't think about it quality. It should only take a few weeks to feel vaguely competent I think, but I doubt I'll be back in an intermediate class this year. Still, it is smile inducing, and I am looking forward to the next class which, frankly, shits all over pump classes. :)

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