Sunday, August 02, 2009


Friday evening marked Ben's first major spill from a wheeled device. He was riding his scooter down the hill outside our house while Charlie was riding his red car. I was Twittering and looking after Elissa. Then all hell broke loose.

Crash was yelling, Ben was screaming and so was Charlie. I couldn't work out exactly what had happened until I saw the blood. It was Ben's and it was pouring from the general vicinity of his mouth. He was howling, as was Charlie - based on the injustice of having his ride cut short. I, of course, handled it smoothly and calmly by bellowing at Charlie to get out of the room (he had, up until the bellow, been screaming in my ear while I was trying to assess the damage).

Ben was so distressed that he wouldn't let me look at anything. I couldn't even tell if stitched might be required. On the plus side, he doesn't have many teeth in there at the moment, so I didn't have too many concerns for their safety.

A bag of frozen corn wrapped in a wet face washer and a lot of cuddles finally got us to the point that we could be sure it was all graze and was definitely not in need of stitches. There was an hysterical claim of wobbly lower (adult) teeth, but if it had any basis in reality, his body had done its repairing thing by the next morning. It was one fat lip though - this is what he normally looks like (if somewhat in need of a haircut):

And this is post fall:

This was yesterday morning. Today the swelling has gone down, but a massive scab covering about a third of his top lip has formed. He'll certainly get plenty of opportunity to tell his war story at school.

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