Monday, August 10, 2009

Uber Dreams

I've had one of those days where I find myself dreaming of selling everything and moving to the middle of nowhere. (It started at 5am with Charlie coming in and saying "I can't lie on my back" and promptly throwing up all over me. How can you go wrong after that?)

It's a well-formed dream. About 20 acres or so, preferably in the general vicinity of the Hunter Valley. The living quarters would be centred around the uber kitchen - a huge, high-ceilinged room with a gourmet kitchen, massive dining room and plenty of sitting area. I can just about see the kitchen.

Each family gets their own apartment, of their own design. We're thinking a creek running between them all with cute little bridges. Covered walkways to the central area so that there's no impediment to socialising.

There would be a huge shed, or maybe even several sheds, for Crash.

There would be a swimming pool.

There would be chooks, a vegie patch, maybe some berries, definitely some fruit trees. It would all be as sustainable as we can possibly manage.

And there would be broadband. Good broadband, not just satellite.

There are a raft of things we could do to support ourselves. The idea of tacking a DipEd on the end of my current degree is inspired in part by being able to teach part time when we move to the Uber House. We've thought of hosting weddings, teaching stitching retreats (this would have nothing to do with me), building clocks and no doubt 379 other things.

Nerida has also devised a fence of such incredible awesomeness nary a slithering creature will show its face within the residential compound. (Once Nerida's fence is built, it will be a compound!)

So I'm wondering, what's in your Uber Dream? If you have ever considered a tree change, sea change, commune life or otherwise doing a bolt, what's in your fantasy?

Oh, and if you're reading this on Facebook, would you mind hopping over to the blog to comment? If I get any responses I'd love to keep them for future days like today. Thanks.


  1. Pretty much the same dream over here too, although I was thinking a little further north and I hadn't thought of apartments (but our family is smaller).

    One day we'd like to be able to 'consult' in order to make it a reality... It's always 'one day', isn't it?

  2. Yes, sadly it is. We go to the Hunter for a weekend or so, and get all fired up, and then all the complications make themselves apparent and it goes back to one day. :)

    We started off with the 3 dwellings, but the idea seems attractive to a few people, so we figure we'd design with room for expansion.