Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Parenting is easy

I asked Charlie if he wanted a cheese and vegemite sandwich, which was met with an almost meltdown and screams of "JUST VEGEMITE". I asked if he'd like a cheese stick with his vegemite sandwich and he was jubilant and smiling.

Parenting is easy, you just have to be psychic enough to understand that cheese on the sandwich is an affront to all that is holy, but cheese beside the sandwich is happy-making and blessed.


  1. I really love this. My girlfriend and I were just watching some stand-up comedy where they guy talks about how his little girl (around 3 I think) must not be rational yet, because if she is, she's totally evil. He says milk or juice but not both, 'okay.' And finally, after much back and forth, she says okay, then finishes he choice of milk and say, "can I have juice now?"

    Really funny to hear about it in real life.

  2. Before Eve was born, I had a glimpse of the future at a friend's house. Their four-year-old was having a hamburger, and Dad put ketchup and mayonnaise on the bun. Together. Four-year-old melts down. "Not TOGETHER! NOT TOGETHER! ON SEPARATE PARTS!" Dad gets a new bun, puts ketchup on the top and mayonnaise on the bottom, puts the pieces carefully on the plate.

    Child gleefully picks up the two pieces of bun and slaps them together, mixing the ketchup and mayonnaise.