Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I had just finished replying to Aztec-rose on my post about work - you know, talking about how men find their groove in the unpaid work department a little better when they get some time at home without someone looking over their shoulder telling them they're doing it wrong - when Crash called down from the first floor asking me to come up for a minute.

I race upstairs dreading another round of croup or other illness complication and instead I am greeted with "Go into Missy's room and tell me what I forgot." So I go in and find the 21mth old completely naked, on her tummy with all her arms and legs tucked in - naked bum sticking up high.

So much for men being able to look after children.

Or not. Of course all her pyjamas and her nappy were still in the bed with her. I know she can take her pants off, and I have seen her try to take her nappy off, but I've no idea how she got a button up pyjama top off.

Sadly, 21mth olds are not so good at the "staying dry" thing, and the entire bed had to be stripped, Enjo'ed and remade. She needed a bit of wipe down too....

Perhaps I need to go buy some size 2 all-in-one pyjamas. As much as I still giggling, I don't really want a rerun.

UPDATE: No longer a perhaps - she woke up naked too....


  1. Maybe go at it from another direction. Whenever I'd babysit my niece I'd take her out to the park where it was sunny and green. Of course forty minutes of the hour we would spend there would be a little game called 'how long can Thomas keep the hat on Venice.' Turns out, two minutes, maximum, before the little hand went right up to throw it off again. Eventually, I stopped trying to get her to wear the hat, and we went to shadier parks. Maybe, instead of insisting on PJs, you could just put a little space-heater in the room and, if the kid wants naked, the kid gets naked.

  2. Naked is fine... sleeping in your own wee wee not so fine... methinks that is where your theory falls down ModernSophist! hehe