Friday, December 04, 2009

And so it begins

This morning I asked Elissa what she wanted to wear today - t-shirt or a dress? I was waving in the general direction of a blue stretchy play dress which is usually pretty popular.

"No! I don't want that one!"

Oh goody, now I have to play 20 questions to determine what outfit will be acceptable. Why did I ask such a stupid question anyway? But before I could start the game she said, "I want Cinderbella!, I want Cinderbella!".

OK, what's Cinderbella? Ahhh - probably this one:

"This one?". "Yes."

That's fine by me, but where did Cinderbella come from? Apparently princesses are so omnipresent that they worm their way in regardless of whether a fairy tale has ever been read in our house.

So now I begin the "How do I deal with the princess obsession?" phase of our lives. I've been happy to have theories before, but they've been mostly based on talking about how pathetic most princesses are. This isn't really going to work for a 2yr old. So I guess I'll just cringe and ignore it all for a while. I'll keep all the other words of wisdom from those who've been there, done that and blogged about it in mind as well. Stuff like remembering to tell her she's beautiful no matter what she's wearing and asking other people not to make a fuss over princess dresses (although I'll probably only do this if and when it becomes an obsession rather than an occasional request).

And right now I'll enjoy watching her play a xylophone with the mallet in her mouth while holding the xylophone in both hands and dancing. It's really goddamn cute.

UPDATE: It seems I have under-estimated my 2yr old. She just came and told me the dress wasn't comfy, went and got a much more practical dress and announced "Now this is Cinderbella".

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