Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The bundle has been dropped

I have officially dropped my bundle. Today I have put 2 loads of washing on, hung one load on the line, put the dishwasher on, cleaned the kitchen, sent 19 emails, fielded at least as many phone calls, attempted twice to install the scanner software so I can send an order, but have been interrupted both times, fed Elissa 4 times and it's not lunch time yet, made brownies, kept Elissa entertained and filled out two forms.

That was before midday - at midday I got another phone call telling me that Charlie has a fever of 38.1 deg C (100.6 F) and I need to pick him up. He is not at all ill, and is demanding to be taken to the park. I did not need this today. I want to throw a tantrum and refuse to do anything else, but I have to be at the school to serve up cake day at 2pm, I still need to feed the kids lunch and there are about 10 more emails I need to send. I have the shits.


  1. I think you should swear, very, very loudly.

  2. Oh gawd. Much sympathies.

    Word verification: "abooidge" Seems appropriate.

  3. Since then, I discovered my bank account internet access had been frozen due to another hack attempt and that the bank took more than twice as much as they said they would for my home loan repayment. Irritating but not the end of the world.

    And I over-cooked the brownies. That could be the worst of the day...

    Anyway, thanks for the sympathy. I haven't been far enough away from kids to swear, but I will be drinking a glass of wine or two at the last P&C meeting (& dinner) tonight.