Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben

Ben's seven years old today. Somehow seven sounds much older than six. He's a pretty easy kid to get along with most of the time, and I'm pretty pleased we kept him*. He has also reached an important milestone - as of today I will no longer be folding and putting his washing away - I'll put it in a pile on his desk and he can do it.

He traded a real birthday party for a DSi this year, so we just have 2 friends from school and a family friend coming for pizza and movies tonight. Still, even pseudo parties need a cake, so here it is:

As you can see from the side on shot - I won't be bothering any of the folks who feature on Sunday Sweets, but it's done, a whole hour before I pick them all up from school.

Those red stripes took some serious food colouring. This is after I washed my hands about 3 times.

I think I may have a cup of tea before I go get him.

*No, we never considered giving him away, just a variation on running gag in my extended family.

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  1. That is an incredibly cool cake! Happy birthday to Ben! :)